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If you seek to experiencee the magic of Corfu don't foget to visit some of its villages . On foot, on horseback, by bike, by motorbike or by car, leave the crowded beaches behind you for a while and indulge in genuine Corfu. In turn, it Corfu knows very well how to reward its lovers .

There are more than 100 villages and estates in the green environment of Corfu Paxoi Othonoi, Erikousa and Mathraki . Their character varies, according to their era of habitation. They can refer to the Byzantine era , to the Venetian era as well as to the popular architecture of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, while there can also be found traces of ancient or Roman era .

There are large villages, small fishermen's villages, settlements of immigrants or local residents with golden seals of Byzantine Emperors and Despotes. Centers of old powerful families or shelters of desperate bread-winners, the villages and settlements of Corfu have old stories to tell you , with pirates , publicans , rulers and slaves, conquerors and saviours, mortals and immortals .

The stone-made houses , the traditional square with the coffee shops , the neat churches , but mostly the hospitable, sweet people will enchant you and will make you feel at home .


Click to Enlarge,Kassiopi

Kassiopi is an attractive village at the northeastern part of Corfu island, appr. 30 km from Corfu town and the airport. It is in beautiful surroundings created by mount Pantokrator (height 900 metres), endless olive groves , which cover the surrounding hills and the numerous small bays with pebbles formed by the rocky shore.  It is a historic and picturesque village at the entrance of the northern part of the straights with the mainland and it still gives off something from its intense history.

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Kato Korakiana or Katomeri
Click to Enlarge,Kato Korakiana or Katomeri  Kato Korakiana or Katomeri is at the northeastern part of Corfu, about 10 kilometres from Corfu town and the airport, at the foot of mount Pantokrator, at a height of 100 metres and near the tourist resorts Dassia , Ipsos , Kommeno , and Dafnila . It is one of the biggest villages of Corfu, with a history of more than five centuries long .
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Click to Enlarge,Krini

A small but really picturesque village, built on the slopes of Istoni mountain, right after the Angelokastro medieval castle. The locals will tell you that   Krini has existed since Homer's time, while, of course, their surnames refer to officials of the medieval Byzantine army. They are the descendants of the "Akrites", the guards of the borders of the Byzantine empire.

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Click to Enlarge,Kynopiastes

A traditional village of the Messi Region of Corfu, only 10 km away from Corfu town and airport, which you have to visit . Old mansions of the 17th to 19th centuries , a marble church, a 17th century monastery and a museum (and the only one on the island)  devoted to the olive tree with some of the most famous restaurants on the island, are the reasons for which we suggest you visit it.

It is on the way leading to the tourist resorts of Agios Gordios and near the tourist resorts Glyfada, Ermones, Benitses and to the villages Kato Garouna, Sinarades.

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Click to Enlarge,Lakka

A beautiful village in the north of Paxos , built on a pretty bay that ia also a port .  

It is the closest to Corfu and it is one of the three ports of the islands.

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Click to Enlarge,Lakones

A typical Corfiot village on the slope of a green hill.

You should go for a walk at Bella Vista to admire the view over the bay of Palaiokastritsa and relax in one of the picturesque coffee shops. If you like trekking there is a path leading to Palaiokastritsa.

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Lefkimmi (Rigglades, Anaplades, Melikia, Potami)
Click to Enlarge,Lefkimmi (Rigglades,  Anaplades, Melikia, Potami)

Lefkimmi is a large village at south Corfu and it resulted from the unification of traditional villages and settlements with the names Rigglades , Anaplades , Agioi Theodoroi , Potami and Melikia . Each of these villages has its own important history and it i worth walking around and enjoying yourselves here .

It is 40 kilometres south of Corfu town and the airport and near the tourist resort of Kavos .

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Click to Enlarge,Nymphes

A big village with a lot of water , green and legends , built on a height of 200 meters. According to a legend, in old times, the Nymphs used to bathe in the village's waterfalls . A walk to the wells and the waterfalls is enough to make you understand why this legend exists ! It is almost certain that you will come across a nymph, too and, if you are lucky, you will see her bathe in the water, especially in spring.

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