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Agios Prokopios
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On a hill in central Corfu, at a height of 440 metres, a few km of Corfu town and the airport, there is the traditional village Agios Prokopios , a village with approximately 400 permanent residents and a history of at least 700 years . The name is a lot more recent than the village itself, as for more than five centuries it was known as Psoraroi or Psorarou. In 1936, the

residents demanded that it be renamed, because the old name reminded of Psoriasis  , and they felt offended by this. In various texts from as early as the year   1381, we find references to the village as Psorarci, while   in a 1497 document, its called the "village of Psoraraioi".

Agios Prokopios,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish The main village is a representative sample of the local architecture , and it consists of neighborhoods with pure traditional features . A walk through its paths and neighborhoods will give you the chance to enjoy the local rural architecture. Don't forget to visit the churches of the village. Agios Prokopios,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish

  • The church of Agios Vassileios is one of the oldest buildings and it existed as early as the 16th century. ( 1511 ). The icons are typical samples of the local popular creation.
  • The church of Agia Triada and Agioi Pantes was inaugurated in 1745 . It is a representative sample of the traditional architecture used on churches on the island of Corfu. Its stone icon templon is decorated with plaster survings («vine») and hagiographies of well-known hagiographers of the time (Th. Aggelatos,  Daniel Koklas). In the temple there are frescoes of the mid 18th century .
  • The church of Agios Prokopios   had already existed in the early 16th century . It was destroyed by fire in the late 19th century , and afterwards the current   chirch was built, which was completed in 1937 .

You should also see the olive treeô’ of Agios Prokopios , which may be the oldest and largest olive tree in the island (trunk perimeter 19 m ). This olive tree is at the southeastern part of the hill of Agios Prokopios, in the village .

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