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New Fortress
Click to Enlarge, New  Fortress

Grandiose , it oversees the Town from the western part, between the Old Fortress and the New Port. It was constructed by the engineer F. Vitelli from 1576 to 1645 and it is almost exclusively   an artificial  hill  which was delimited with the opening of large perimetrical fosses and raised by gathering the material from the fosses.

New  fortres,copyrights:View/Copy/Print but not Publish It is a marvellous example of military architecture of the age of gunpowder, with an angular, linear, voluminous construction, and internal tunnels. On the top of the New Fortress there is a Bar .

This fortress, being smaller and different that the Old one, has its own stories to tell you , since it confronted with success the last attacks of the Ottoman army to the Gates of the West.

It was here that on 9 and 10 August 1716 the most glorious moments of that part of history took place. It was here that in the morning of 11 August 1716, the guards saw that the Ottoman camp had been abandoned, the siege had been terminated and they spread the good news to all the Western world. This event is still celebrated to this day .

New fortres,click to enlarge Here you can also find the Ceramics Museum

New fortres,click to enlargeThe view from its top is worth seeing. At the Bar in the New Fortress, with a view over the Old Town, you can enjoy a refreshing drink until late at night

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