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Useful information and phone numbers at Othoni

On the island there is the possibility of boat tours with a high quality speed boat, and a very experienced captain .

The quality of the Aparthotel, the villas and the rooms to rent is very good.
At Othoni there is a GP.

Useful phone numbers
Calling code: +30 26630
Community:+30 26630 72132
Police station: +30 26630 71592

Port authorities:+30 26630 72280
Corfu busses:+30 26610 30631 and +30 26610 39985
F/B‘Alexandros’ :Katechis Spyros [Katsoulas]: +30 26610 26314 and +30 694964002
F/B ‘Pegasus’ :Aspiotis : +30 26630 71263 and 6932445395
Charter ship ‘Nearchos’ :Leontitsis: +30 26630 95248

Guide speed boat: Katechis Lakis [Katrokios]:+30 26630 71702 and +30 26630 71586

Aparthotel ‘Calypso’ : Kasimis Tasos [Mikros] :+30 26630 71578

Villas to rent: Tourist mansions‘Palman’, Katechis Anastassios [Maniavinis]
and Katechi Ekaterini:+30 26630 72215 and +30 26610 24850

Appartments to rent: Spiros Manessis[ Damaskis] : +30 210 4181035
Rooms to rent : Katechis Lakis [Katrokios]:+30 26630 71702 and +30 26630 71586
Rooms to rent : Katechis Babis:+30 26630 71715
Rooms to rent : Katechis Tasos [Plastiras] :+30 26630 72419
Rooms to rent : Katechis Kostas, ‘Villa Botsolis’ : +30 26630 72157 and +30 26610 31912
Rooms to rent : ‘ La locanda dei sogni’:

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Useful information and phone numbers at Othoni  reviews:


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