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Paxos General Information

Chosen in ancient times by Poseidon, the god of the sea, Paxos today are chosen by VIP tourists.

Yachts from ’ all over Europe gather here for a little time freedom and unconcerned life . High-level services, local products of high quality, fine food , unique wine and a wonderful landscape with small bays , a lot of green and crystal water, make Paxos a wonderful resort . It is a place where the sea is the most important element. It is next to you, you can hear it whispering to you all the time .

Loggos , Lakka and Gaios will take you mind away with their enchanting beauty and AntiPaxos will steal your heart with their unbelievable beaches. Houses made of stone with a view over the open sea, paths in olive groves , isolated churches , windmills, traditional convenience stores - coffee shops, local celebrations and a festival of classical music coexist so harmonically that even the greatest directors would envy.

How to get there

Brief suggestions or The sights of Paxos

The castle of Agios Nikolaos, the isle of the same name, after a permit of the Municipality.
The Monastery of Virgin Mary on the isle. 
The church of Agioi Apostoloi . It is right behind the bus stop.

The Palaiochristianic Church of Agia Marina , Porto Ozias, in the end of the coastal road, before you take the road to Mongonissi.
The Museum of Paxos
The well of Agioi Apostoloi , on the right of the church bearing the same name
The well of Agioi Anargyroi , over the church.

The Lesianitis Mill at Tranakatika.
The Mousmouliou precipice , from Tranakatika.
The well of Eleoussa , over the church, at Vlachopoulatika.
Ostries , for the view of Avlaki at sunset. From the road to the right of Agia Paraskevi, at Bogdanatika.
The beaches: Kloni Gouli, Kamini, Kaki Langada . From the road after the New Port at the junction to Platanos - Loggos.
The olives museum . A traditional preserved olive mill on the road to Lakka

At Magazia

The church of των Agioi Apostoloi with a view over Erimitis. At the end of the road, which starts across Agios Spyridonas at the Magazia gas station. On the left, you have a view over Ortholithos . Kastanida , after the Primary School, turn right at the end of the circumvention. Area of the stone workers (ton petradon) . Wonderful view at sunset.

At Loggos

The factory of Anemogiannis at the end of the village, next to the Primary School. . The beaches Levrechio and Marmaria . On the way from Platanos (Fountana) 100 metres before the village, on the right. .

At  Lakka

The lighthouse . Planoi , on the way from the Lighthouse. Ypapanti , from the road after the lake, on the way to Lakka on the left. Monodendri . A beach, where you can go from the upper road of Lakka, turning right across the church of Agios Spyridon at Argyratika.


The beaches ("spiaggies" at the local dialect ) are mainly small, with pebbles and crystal water. The most important are Giannas , Soulanena , Balos , Agia Marina , Mongonissi , Kloni Gouli , Kamini , Kaki Lagada , Alati , Kipiadis , Marmaria , Levrechio , Glufada , Monodendri , Orkos , Kanoni , Charami (sandy beach), Achai , Avlaki , Galazio . Go on a tour of the island, in a rental boat, to enjoy the beaches and the beautiful geological formations at the western coast ( Graves , Trypitos , Ortholithos , Achai , etc.).

Also, don't forget to visit the turquoise sandy beaches of AntiPaxos,  Vrika and Voutoumi (you will find small restaurants at both of them), by yacht of by boat.

The official site by Municipality of Paxos

Click to Enlarge,Gaios

Gaios is a picturesque village by the sea , and it is the capital of Paxos. Its picturesque port is hidden behind two tiny isles. On the former, the "isle of Virgin Mary " or " Nissaki ", there is the pretty and historic monument of " Panagia Bellianiton ".
The latter , Agios Nikolaos, is the natural jetty of the port and it hides away the town and the boats from the ship passing by . On Agios Nikolaos isle there are two small churches, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Ioannis and the old Venetian castle (1423).

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Anemomylos Paxos
Click to Enlarge,Anemomylos Paxos

The historic Lesianitis windmill is circular, with an interior stone staircase and four windows on top, symmetrically constructed. The Mill wa built on a foundation.

For opening hours and visits, please refer to the webpages of the Ministry of Culture

The churches of Paxos

At Paxos, there were 39 churches in 1686, 45 in 1739 and 51 in1781.

Paxos Ipapanti,click to enlarge Today on the island there are 64 churches of which 2 are paleochristianic of the 6th century (Agia Marina - Agios Stephanos at Porto Ozias).
All of them have got architectural and artistic details. Marble temples , doors, windows, bell towers , icons with artistic and archaeological value and remarkable frescoes . They are all   remarkable monuments of the island.

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Click to Enlarge,Lakka

A beautiful village in the north of Paxos , built on a pretty bay that ia also a port .  

It is the closest to Corfu and it is one of the three ports of the islands.

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Isles and reefs of Paxos
Click to Enlarge,Isles and reefs of Paxos

The islands complex Paxos-AntiPaxos consists of 6 larger and a few smaller isles and scattered uninhabited   isles , some of which are of a particular interest and beauty . Some of them can be easily visited   as they are within a distance less than 50 m.

You can visit most of them if you rent a boat . On some of these isles it would be a good idea to have a pic-nic . Some of them are home to wild goats or cottages have been constructed there.

We are mentioning below some of them:

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