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Protected species

Roughtail Rock Agama (Laudakia stellio - Agama stellio), Otter (Lutra lutra)

Laudakia stellio - Agama stellio (Roughtail Rock Agama)

 stellio Laudakia ,click to enlargeIt is the only European representative of the family of Tropical lizards . It lives in Corfu , in a slam region at Thessaloniki and on certain islands of the Aegean Sea .

According to oral tradition , it moved to Corfu through the food supplies of the English army or it ws brought here by some naturalist without of course being able to document one of the two opinions. Below you can find an explanation for these opinions.

In Corfu it is located at the outskirts of Corfu , especially at the are around Mount Agioi Deka ( Gastouri, Agioi Deka, Kastellanoi Messis ), where it can be carefully viewed , as it is really afraid of humans and it rashes to disappear in tree trunks. 

 stellio Laudakia ,click to enlarge Adult animals are about 28-30cm long , their eyes look straight forward and their head is triangular . It doesn't have a hump (unlike many other agamids). Both male and female, but especially male members, change their colour depending on the mood .

In their region they are pretty reserved , but when they become familiar to humans, they are quite friendly and they can be trained .

They prefer walls and roofs , areas with stones and pebbles and tree trunks of the perennial olive trees. Most of the times, it can be seen enjoying the sun in pairs or small groups.

 stellio Laudakia ,click to enlarge The locals believe that it is really poisonous. This is possibly due to the fact that today's populations are immigrants of the past centuries, who formed this view because they didn't know the animal.

It is actually an insectivore and it is completely harmless .

Laudakia stellio needs very little water and it covers its needs with the existing humidity.

It is barely active during the winter.

It mates in the period March-April . The female lays in June 5-15 eggs, which she puts in the ground at a warm place . They hatch after 65-80 days in August-September.

Some warm years they lay eggs twice in the year, the first time being in April and the second in June .

It is comprised in the protected species of the Greek Fauna (PD 67/1981 (OJ23/A, 30-1-1981, table 2/vertebrate reptiles).

Otter (Lutra lutra)

Lutra lutra ,click to enlarge The otter is a small animal which lives on the coasts of mountainous rivers and lakes and only if the water is very clean .
The Eurasian otter( Lutra lutra ) is one of the 13 species of otter and it belongs to the Lutrinae subfamily. Greece possesses one of the biggest and most expanded populations in the European Union. An isolated population lives in Corfu at the Antiniotis Lagoon .
Otters live individually and set clear limits of their vital space , the surface of which depends according to the food available. Along coasts rich in food sources, their vital space can be as big as 1,1 km . It is a carnivorous predator of the water ecosystems and it feeds on fish and amphibians, reptiles (water snakes), invertebrates (mainly crab), birds and small mammals . It gives birth once a year (spring) to 2-3 individuals.
Otters have become extinct from the majority of their habitats. As this species is a health indicator of the water, it is strictly protected in most countries of the EU . (PD. 67/81).

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